Season 2 Episode 26

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Video by Scott Thornbury on repetition and narrow reading:

Vocabulary from the episode

In the interests of time: This phrase is used in talks, speeches and meetings to indicate that you will spend less or even no time on something because there isn’t enough time to.

In the interests of time, we will skip the Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
We’ll need to cut our meeting short in the interests of time.

Narrow the scope of something: make something more specific or focused.

To make the project manageable, we decided to narrow the scope of our research.
We had to narrow the scope of the discussion to stay on topic.

Hone your skills: improve or refine your abilities.

She took extra art classes to hone her drawing skills.
To hone your writing skills, it’s important to write every day.

Coin a term: invent a new word or phrase.

The author coined the term ‘cyberspace’ in his science fiction novel.
She coined a new term to describe this unique phenomenon.

Be taken on: hired or accepted for a job or responsibility.

He was taken on as a junior engineer at the firm.
She was taken on as a volunteer at the animal shelter.

Decidedly: This adverb means without doubt or definitely.

Cole’s style is decidedly more formal than the previous manager’s.
The outcome of the game was decidedly in our favour.

An exotic locale: This refers to a place that is foreign, unusual or interesting.

She spent her vacation in an exotic locale, exploring the jungles of Borneo.
The movie was filmed in several exotic locales around the world.

A hub: This refers to a centre or a place that is most important in a particular activity or profession.

New York City is a hub for finance and fashion.
Silicon Valley is known as the hub of technology and innovation.

Verbatim: This means in exactly the same words as were used originally. Synonym: word-for-word

He repeated her speech verbatim.
Their stories were taped and transcribed verbatim.

Wheelhouse: This is a term often used to describe a person’s area of expertise or interest.

Unfortunately, for most of the time I had been working outside my wheelhouse.
Finding new ways of advertising our products has always been my wheelhouse.

Be thrown for a loop: This idiom means to be very surprised, shocked, or confused.

I was thrown for a loop when I heard the news of their sudden move.
The unexpected question in the interview really threw me for a loop.

A timeframe: This refers to a period of time, especially a specified period in which something occurs or is planned to take place.

We need to establish a timeframe for completing the project.
The timeframe for delivery is between 3 to 5 business days.

Bedside manner: The way a doctor interacts and communicates with patients.

The doctor’s excellent bedside manner made me feel comfortable and at ease.
Although he was a well-respected surgeon, his bedside manner left something to be desired and many patients complained of his clinical attitude.

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