Flipgrid: the video sharing app that puts peer interaction and feedback front and centre

Find out why you should consider using this app with your learners to foster engagement outside of the classroom. Having used this app for a couple of months both as a Delta candidate and EFL instructor, I think it’s safe to say to say that it may well be a game changer for online and blended learning. (And yes, I know writing “game changer” makes me sound like Elon Musk. And not in a good way. Just bear with me.) 

If online learning is supposed to be the future, why does it feel like a step backwards?

If you asked your teaching colleagues what they make of online and blended learning you might get some pretty grim answers. Increasingly it seems we adopt new technologies almost mindlessly, without asking ourselves whether these “solutions” actually respond to a real need. While there are plenty of fads and gimmicks out there, there are innovations that allow us to learn and teach more effectively. In my opinion Flipgrid falls in the latter camp.
Check out my tutorial below to see some ideas on how to implement Flipgrid in the language classroom in a pedagogically sound way.

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