Talking about trends and fads

This slideshow is designed around a brief text containing words and phrases related to trends and fads. If you do it in pairs or groups begin by discussing the ideas in the text (i.e. the first slide) before looking at the remaining ones. It is quite likely that you, as a language learner, underestimate the time you should spend focusing on learning by heart key, high-frequency words and especially longer phrases. My advanced (C1/C2) learners gain the confidence to use a wide range of such vocabulary by carrying out these focused tasks. Don’t forget to practise the vocabulary covered using the Quizlet app.

  • There are no shortcuts but there are effective strategies
  • Many researchers in the field of second language acquisition agree that knowledge of longer phrases/chunks is the key to fluency.
  • Learning by heart is effective and rewarding – if you know how.
  • Spaced repetition – or retrieval – refers to reviewing items on a regular basis and is associated with flashcard systems. This method is based on scientific evidence and consists of very short yet regular periods of study. Commit to this practice for a few weeks and you’ll notice a noticeable improvement in your vocabulary retention.

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